Whilst we will be having a civil ceremony overlooking the Caldera we just couldn't possibly let the wedding go by without some traditional Greek chaos! Below are some of the traditions we will be including. We welcome all guest to be involved with the greek traditions at our wedding and we truly hope you can join us and be a part of our special day.



This festive wedding dance shares the same name as the ancient Greek folk dance, but for a Greek wedding it has a pretty specific meaning. The bride stands in the middle with her Maid of Honour to the immediate left and the bridesmaids and female wedding guests hold hands and encircle the two. Although meant as a women-only celebration, you might see a few guys join in as well.



The Zembekiko is a dance for the best man and groomsmen (and any other men at the reception who wish to join in), to greek dance with the groom, and it’s customary for those who aren’t joining in to kneel and clap along to the music while the groom dances.


Bride & Groom Dance

This dance is performed by the newlyweds to honour their guests. It is also a chance for their guests, whilst the couple are dancing, to pin money to their clothing by way of a wedding gift. It is totally optional for guests and considered a fun, symbolic way to congratulate the couple on their new marriage.



Aside from the above is the Syrtos, the most common general greek dance at a wedding performed by any guests. Greek dances are all about having fun, and most can learn as they go along...or make it up with a few hops and a couple of side steps! If you want to brush up on the basics you can find them in the video tutorial below!